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We are a very experienced family at hand raising pet birds for companions or for breeding purposes, please feel free to browse our site for information on what we are breeding and hand raising this year.
We breed all types of birds from Finches, Canary's, Quails, all breeds of small and large Parrots. We hand raise our parrots from 2 weeks old we can also hand raise your birds for you. If there are any particular birds that you require we are able to obtain these for you at very reasonable rates.We also are looking at buying certain birds from time to time so if you have birds for sale we have a page that shows what we are looking for. 
Whipper the beaut budgie knows all about bad hair days. The little bird, from New Zealand, was born with a very rare genetic mutation called "Feather Duster". There has only been three recorded cases of the disease in the past 60 years. While other birds shy away from the tiny permed pecker, his unusual looks have attracted a stream of visitors to marvel at heavily feather festooned features. Still, underneath it all, Whipper will always be 100 per cent budgie.
Since I have advertised this on the internet I have had a call from another breader saying that he has this happen regular.
Pet Birds ,Devonport, Tasmania
National Parks and Wildlife permit no's 2033/10 2063/10

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This painting of my Long Billed Corella was done by a local artist named Janine Mamoski, if you are interested in having a portrate of your pet painted please contact us by phone or click here Contact us

We are also registered with National Parks & Wildlife as bird rescuers